I’m just old enough to remember pull tabs on beers. This was when “micro brew” didn’t necessarily mean a quality or specialty crafted ale; in fact, it was more likely to mean generic and less-than-stellar. That doesn’t mean that some quality designs didn’t grace the shelves of the local Drive-Thru Beer Barn, which apparently still exist in some places. In fact, some of the most generic sounding beers are some of my favorite cans. If you want to seek out that can from your childhood that Pops eventually abandoned in favor of a more convenient and readily available Coors product, you can probably find it here.

Now for some beer trivia. A case of Karl’s K to the first person that knows which former president’s brother had a beer named after him? Click “more” for the answer.

Jimmy Carter’s brother Billy did what any self-respecting brother of a president would do and used his brother’s fame to launch his own beer, Billy’s Beer.