I’ve become rather attached to the current incarnation of my desk…views of the foothills out the window, exposed brick and ceiling beams, and what might look like a mess to most people, but to me is a beautiful system of organized chaos. But change is good and Neighbor is on the move. We found a nice turn-of-the-century row house and it feels like a good move that should allow for a little growth and a little more breathing room. We’re also trading second floor anonymity for street level signage and a toilet that barely flushes for a full bathroom with a clawfoot tub. And the beautiful thing is that it’s only about a half block away. Maybe I can move my desk without disassembling a a year’s worth of clutter after all.

UPDATE: Scratch the row house. Despite being over 100 years old, the City of Boulder apparently sees very little historical significance on the enitre block (surprise), which we just found out will eventually be completely demolished to make way for more million dollar yuppie huts. Even worse, the people behind the project are the same ones responsible for all the other god-awful new developments around town.

I’m actually looking forward to Plan B–working out of Brad’s / Neighbor’s letterpress studio on Arapahoe. It’s an inspiring, albeit cozy workshop that should get the creative juices flowing as we hopefully begin thawing out a little bit around here. I’ll post some pics when we get settled in.