Branding / Identity

We recently wrapped up yet another coffee shop I.D. project over at Neighbor. It never ceases to amaze me how many great coffee shops can peacefully coexist in this town. It seems to all depend on a variety of atmosphere, and the Cup seems like it’s going to fill the lofty, downtown niche well, something no one else is really going for right now. Not to mention they serve some of the best shots in town, and that’s saying a lot.


Neighbor just wrapped up a brand identity project for Naked Candle Co, including logo development, naming and package design for 29 candle scents, and environmental graphics for the Natural Foods Expo in Anaheim, where NKD will unveil it’s product line this weekend. Brian also kicked ass on the website, which launched at around 4:30 this morning, just in time for the first day of the trade show. A few more photos: (more…)

There’s a great little coffee shop hidden away in downtown Boulder that more people should know about. It’s one of those places where they know your name and what you want to eat or drink after the first few times you stop in. After a while you might get a nickname or have a sandwich named after you. My kind of place. Regular customers know how to navigate there, but they were in need of a little more presence on the street so that passers-by might drop in and realize what they had been missing out on. Neighbor created a new logo a while back and we all stood on the curb and got a little teary eyed when the sign finally went up in the window. Sidney’s feels all grown up now–hopefully not ~too~ many people take notice.

Our good friend and former coffee shop co-employee recently struck out on his own and opened Ozo Coffee Co. We’ve talked for years about how when this finally happened (we always knew it would) that we wanted first dibs on helping out with the identity of the shop.

The Costa Rican heritage in the family of the owners, the custom blened house espresso (part Guatemalan) and the name Ozo led to a final logo reminiscent of a Maya glyph, and leaves the door open for further expounding on this theme on the interior.

The first pieces were in place on opening day–a freshly-skinned awning with a hand-painted version of the logo and an open channel neon sign. Ozo is also the only shop in town that can boast hand-printed punch cards, but we’re realizing quickly that our squeegee might not be able to keep up with their volume. Next up is a custom menu system. More photos: (more…)

We just wrapped up a project over at Neighbor for our friends at Soul Fabric Films. Neighbor created the new logo, a letterpressed business card set, and a stationary / envelope that uses a custom-made rubber stamp to keep costs down.

We recently created a logo and designed / screenprinted some business cards for our friend and do-it-all carpenter Dave at DeMaria Construction. If something looks like it’s less than 4″long, don’t be afraid to use the back of Dave’s card to get a precise measurement.