Back from South by Southwest and busy at work. We had a great time on our first time around at SXSW and plan on doing it again, hopefully with some sort of wristband or badge. Without one, it took us two of the three days just to figure out the system and how to finagle our way into a couple of shows. We ended up seeing some good music though: Daniel Johnston through the open door of some industry-only gig at the convention center, The Black Lips and Deerhunter at a free daytime show, and The Black Angels (picture above) at the Flatstock Music Showcase on Saturday night. I would see all of these bands again the next time they pass through CO.

Tending the booth at Flatstock took up most of the day Thursday through Saturday and we met some great folks: Dirk Fowler, Bryce from Isle of Printing and Jon Smith from Seattle, who’s stuff we admired from across the aisle all weekend.


Big Diffy was a hit (check), we sold a couple of posters (check) and people appeared to be enjoying themselves(check). Friday night at White Hills was fun. Thanks to everyone who came out. Click here for more pics. (more…)