We’re heading down to Austin for our first pilgrimage to Flatstock, the big poster convention put on each year at SXSW by the API. We’re hoping to sell some posters, swill some margaritas / eat real mexican food, and attempt to see some music.

Some of the people who’s stuff we are looking forward to seeing: The Decoder Ring (these guys actually did the graphics for all of SXSW this year–way to go, F2 Design / Dirk Fowler, Lure, and Methane Studios.

We’ll be printing up some of the above posters to send down to Austin ahead of time to promote the show. If you live in Texas you should come.


Our good friend and former coffee shop co-employee recently struck out on his own and opened Ozo Coffee Co. We’ve talked for years about how when this finally happened (we always knew it would) that we wanted first dibs on helping out with the identity of the shop.

The Costa Rican heritage in the family of the owners, the custom blened house espresso (part Guatemalan) and the name Ozo led to a final logo reminiscent of a Maya glyph, and leaves the door open for further expounding on this theme on the interior.

The first pieces were in place on opening day–a freshly-skinned awning with a hand-painted version of the logo and an open channel neon sign. Ozo is also the only shop in town that can boast hand-printed punch cards, but we’re realizing quickly that our squeegee might not be able to keep up with their volume. Next up is a custom menu system. More photos: (more…)

Brad and I spent the last couple of days leading up to our show putting together a letterpressed, oversized “matchbook” that contains a checklist of our first 50 posters. We finished these about 20 minutes before 7:00 on Friday night. Click here for more pics (more…)

Check out the illustration, posters and hand-lettering of Ray Fenwick. These party posters from Trinidad & Tobago are also worth a quick look.

Big Diffy was a hit (check), we sold a couple of posters (check) and people appeared to be enjoying themselves(check). Friday night at White Hills was fun. Thanks to everyone who came out. Click here for more pics. (more…)

Finally coming up for air after office-scramble-Sunday. We’ve settled in, at least temporarily, to our new home in the Smokeproof Press / Neighbor letterpress shop. It should be a creative, albeit cozy, solution while we look for something a little more permanent. Regardless of how long we keep our day-to-day operation here, this is where the letterpress magic will continue to happen. The photo above is a panoramic shot of the shop, so imagine yourself looking from left-to-right and then continuing from left-to-right through the bottom photo. Click ‘more’ for more photos. (more…)

To celebrate our 50th screenprinted poster and our new print studio digs, we are throwing a little shin-dig at White Hills on Friday February 9th. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by for a beer or four. We’ll have everything we’ve ever laid down put up in chronological order, plus a couple of test prints and art prints just for the show. You’ll also be able to check out some of Dovetail’s handmade wares and see the world premiere of the Big Diffy live musical act–singing and song-writing by 1/2 of our friends over at Milk Baby.

White Hills Living 1143 13th St. Boulder, CO